Smještaj u rafting kampu Modra Rijeka


Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka Is The Winner Of The Big Gold Medal At The International Tourism Fair For Top-Quality Restaurant Home Cuisine And Food.

The restaurant of the Rafting Kampa Modra Rijeka has 150 seats distributed in the inner part, covered and open terraces. A special atmosphere for all our guests and fans of Tara rafting is the serving of meals on the terrace, right on the banks of the Piva River. Nowhere will you have a nicer dinner and a nicer atmosphere, with a phenomenal view that extends over the canyon of one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Our catering team will make sure that national specialities which you will enjoy to the maximum are always ready for you. We are always ready to create a variety of dishes for you (gourmet, vegetarian, gluten-free, as well as other dishes of your choice). Almost all products are of organic origin, procured from local growers and producers, so you can enjoy the real, healthy flavors of our specialities.


Breakfast, salty and sweet

  • Hot fresh breakfast made of eggs in all ways, Montenegrin prosciutto, bacon, sausage, kulen, zucchini, homemade cheeses, cream…
  • Pastries with cheese, honey, jam, cream, sugar…
  • Yogurt, milk, tea, coffee


  • Homemade soup made from different types of vegetables
  • Lamb, veal, pork under sacha, potatoes baked under sacha, rice with vegetables
  • Trout, rice, potatoes under the sun
  • Grill (sausages, kebabs, burgers, skewers, etc.)
  • Fresh salads


  • The specialty of the camp – Meat in the peasant way, an inevitable choice for everyone who comes to Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka
  • Trout, rice, potatoes under the sun
  • Grill (sausages, kebabs, burgers, skewers, etc.)
  • Fresh salads


Please only let us know about any special food requests when booking the arrangement, so that we can prepare everything promptly.

Rich lunch in the restaurant of the Modra Rijeka rafting camp
Meat lunch in the restaurant of rafting camp Modra Rijeka

In our restaurant, you will find all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: carbonated and non-carbonated juices, beers, wines, Montenegrin brandies of all flavors, etc.

Also, only at Modra Rijeka Rafting Camp, you can enjoy Premier brandies made from first-class fruits, which have won gold medals at many world fairs (quince, apricot, viljamovka, plum, vine).