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Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is located 50 km from Žabljak in the direction towards Šavnik and Niksic on the southern slopes of Mount Durmitor, and represents the last conquered canyon in Europe. It was first conquered in 1965, and until then it hasn’t been seen, from where comes its name Nevidio (Never Seen) or Nevidbog (Never Seen by God).

Important note: Canyoning doesn’t require special physical readiness, but all participants have to be swimmers and older than 18 years! The passage through the Canyon is not advised without the assistance of a licensed guide! That is the reason why you definitely should contact the Rafting camp Modra Rijeka team!

08:30h Breakfast in Modra Rijeka Rafting camp. Departure and driving through the beautiful landscapes to the starting point of canyon Nevidio. The road borders the Piva lake, over the hydroelectric power plant Mratinje, 240m high. Attractive landscapes offer opportunities to enjoy viewing and photographing natural and wild beauty of Montenegro.

09:30h Arrival in front of the canyon Nevidio and preparations for your Montenegro canyoning adventure. Getting adequate, licensed equipment and dressing. Details and instructions are provided by licensed guides who are experienced, active alpinists and rescuers.

10:00h Your canyoning adventure finally begins. The very unique canyon Nevidio has indescribable beauty with its gorges, cascades and foamy falls. Its width in some places is less than one meter, and the greater part of the canyon is in a perpetual shadow, because the sunlight, blocked by the rocks, cannot reach the bottom. We will stop at the most attractive stops in the canyon Nevidio for the enjoyment and photographing.

14:00hLunch at fabulous Ethno restaurant or in Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka
Vožnja kroz nevjerovatne prirodne predjele i uživanje u fenomenalnim pejzažima

15:00h – End of the arrangement


PRICE 110€