Smještaj u rafting kampu Modra Rijeka


Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka Is The Winner Of The Big Gold Medal At The International Tourism Fair For Top-Quality Ethno Accommodation.

When you decide to go on Montenegro rafting, it is very important that the entire atmosphere and organization of your Tara rafting tours be entrusted to real professionals. That’s why the Modra Rijeka Rafting Camp team is here, which for almost 15 years has been the first choice for all those who want to put their vacation in the hands of true masters of good organization.

Our houses and bungalows are built from completely natural materials, mostly wood, and allow you to completely surrender to nature and enjoy it. There are two-bed, three-bed, four-bed, five-bed and six-bed rooms with bathrooms, and the terraces that are raised above the Piva river, and offer the possibility of unforgettable relaxation and a sense of harmony, which you certainly haven’t had the opportunity to feel the cities you come from.

We would like to emphasize that you should never share a room/apartment with other guests, or people you don’t know. You share the accommodation exclusively with your team because we never make combinations of different teams in the same accommodation. It is definitely the policy of our business from the very beginning and you can be worry-free and relaxed about it. All this with the goal of your maximum relaxation and enjoyment in our complex.

The capacity of Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka is around 80-100 places.

Our team will make sure that your accommodation facilities are arranged and secured as much as possible at all times. We tried to, follow nature and the desire to return to nature, which is why we are all here, to equip the rooms with only the basic elements that you need for smooth functioning. However, we are one of the few Camps whose accommodation facilities and wooden bungalows also have bathrooms that are cleaned daily and provided with basic hygiene items. All bungalows have towels, and bed linen, and the entire camp is covered by a free Wi-Fi signal.

Small bungalows made of wood are the right choice for couples, they are double, with their own toilet and equipped with electricity and lamps.

There is no need to talk about the terraces… The view of the river, the mountain and the wonderful complex of Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka is something that needs to be experienced… The feeling when you wake up in the morning and take a deep breath with the sound of the river and the sound of birds and start a new day, enriched by our adventures.. And in the evening, with a glass of your favorite drink, you sit on the terrace of your bungalow, listen to soft music, the sound of the river and simply… enjoy…

Accommodation at Rafting camp Modra Rijeka