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Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka

Rafting in Montenegro on the river Tara represents a fantastic adventure full of adrenaline, which you will not forget.

Going down in rubber boats in one of the deepest canyons in the world of river Tara, with the mandatory presence of certified skippers of Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka, is one of the most intense experiences you can afford yourself and your loved ones during your visit to Montenegro. Don’t wait, book today your Montenegro rafting adventure.

Rafting on the Tara River in Montenegro

Tara Rafting Montenegro

From May to October, Tara canyon is the center of adventure rafting in Montenegro, from moderate to wild parts. Lovers of extreme sports and all those who are seekers of adrenaline, enjoy Tara rafting whose level of difficulty on the scale ranges from the third to the fifth degree, which makes it one of the most intense and demanding rafting in Europe.

Montenegro Rafting Tours and Prices

One-day rafting tour on Tara river

Our one-day rafting tour in Tara river canyon offers you one of the most exciting adventures on white waters in Montenegro!


Two days rafting tour on Tara river

Two days rafting tour on Tara river

Two-day rafting in Tara river canyon with an overnight stay, Tara rafting tour and a rich traditional breakfast and lunch.


Three days rafting on Tara river

Three days rafting on Tara river

Three-day rafting tour on river Tara in Montenegro with accommodation for two nights, rafting Tara and a breakfast and lunch.


All taxes are included in the prices – No hidden costs!

Rafting Tara

Rafting Tara includes the most attractive part of the Tara River in Montenegro, from Brštanovica to Šćepan Polje, with a length of 18 km. This section is rich with the largest number of intense rapids – about 21 of them that will leave you breathless.

How long does rafting on the river Tara?

The duration of the rafting tour is about 3-4 hours, depending on the water level of the river and the time of the year. Rafting in May and June is definitely an adrenaline adventure and lasts a little shorter due to the high water level, while in July, August and September, it represents a real pleasure of nature, the Tara River and the beautiful scenery of the north of Montenegro.

Rafting Tara in Montenegro

When is the best time to go rafting in Tara River in Montenegro?

When is the best time to go rafting in Tara River in Montenegro?

For the most thrilling Tara rafting experience, we advise you to book your stay in May and June. Then the water level is the highest and rafting represents an extreme, intense adventure. But July and August are always the most popular months for white water rafting in Montenegro.

Rafting Tara with children

If you’re looking for a calm Tara rafting experience that’s suitable for children and families, the best time to go is during the months of July, August, and September. During this period, the weather is typically warm and the water levels in Tara River are lower and calmer, making it easier to navigate. This makes it a great time to take in the stunning scenery and enjoy a relaxing ride down the river Tara.

Rafting Tara with children

Tara River Rafting Reviews

Odlican smestaj,jos bolja hrana. Uz Prijatne domacine odmor je zagarantovan. Svake godine se vraćamo. Sve preporuke !!!
Nous sommes venus avec notre camion aménagé, et nous avons pu dormir dans le camp Modra Rijeka pour 2 nuits et faire une journée de rafting. Notre skipper nous a emmené voir une jolie cascade. C'était trop bien, les personnes qui y travaillent sont d'une gentillesse extraordinaire, ils parlent anglais. Ils sont tellement généreux! On y mange super bien, super copieux, local, fait maison ... le lieu est super beau, il y a un petit pont magnifique à 20 minutes à pied ... Bref, je vous recommande d'y aller!! Super rapport qualité/prix. 🙂 Merci encore
Anna Biarda
Anna Biarda
Very kind people, awesome adventure and delicious food 😊
Lekarski 2 grupa 2018/19
Lekarski 2 grupa 2018/19
Good food and nice people 💗
bojan tubak
bojan tubak
Sve pohvale za Bojana skipera Hrana i usluga je bila sjajna Vidimo se opet
Luka Mihajlovic
Luka Mihajlovic
Bilo je super, sve pohvale. Posebno za skipera Bojana!

Safest Rafting in Montenegro

If you are going with Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka, we guarantee the safest rafting in Montenegro. Our skippers are licensed, and they speak English and Russian.

We are equipped with rubber boats with a capacity of 8 to 10 people, special clothing and footwear for protection against cold water (neoprene suits and boots), protective helmets, jackets so-called anoraks and vests that will provide guests with completely safe and secure but also unforgettable rafting experience on the river Tara canyon.

Book Tara rafting tour with us

Starting at 60€ per person

Tara River Rafting Equipment

At Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka, we prioritize the safety of our guests above all else when organizing our rafting tours. That’s why we use only the highest quality equipment, which is not only professional and tested but also produced by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional equipment for rafting and extreme sports.

We believe that using the best equipment is essential to ensuring a safe and enjoyable rafting experience for our guests. Our team of experienced skippers and instructors are also well-trained and knowledgeable about the local area and weather conditions, which allows us to provide the best possible guidance and support throughout your Montenegro Tara rafting adventure.

All you have to do is bring your swimsuit. What is extremely important to emphasize is that after use, all equipment is thoroughly disinfected and washed in a special solution that ensures safe use.

After thorough disinfection and drying, the equipment is ready for further use.

Jakne za rafting na Tari
Odijela za rafting na Tari
Rafting jakne i čizme
Rafting oprema
Prsluci i oprema za rafting na Tari u Crnoj Gori

Rafting equipment consists of neoprene suits, vests, helmets, anorak jackets, boots, paddles, a waterproof bag and a rubber boat.

  • The neoprene suits we use in the Camp are professional, intended for professional rafting adventures. Bearing in mind that those who visit us for the first time often wonder why a large number of rafters arrive at Brštanovica in swimsuits, we use the opportunity to mention that suits are not a mandatory part of the equipment in the summer months, because a large number of our visitors, due to the high temperatures in July and August, chooses sunbathing and complete refreshment in the river with all senses, which the suit certainly blocks to a certain extent.
  • Neoprene boots are a mandatory part of the rafting equipment in our camp, bearing in mind that during rafting it is necessary to have good support in the boat (keep your feet under the straps/ropes provided for that, which your skipper will definitely inform you about in detail at the briefing before the start of the tour). Also, the boots will enable easier movement and prevent possible slipping while getting out of the boat during breaks, during the rafting itself, when you are enjoying by the river, swimming, taking beautiful photos or visiting a phenomenal waterfall, etc…
  • Our suits and boots are made from the fabrics of the world’s leading brands in the production of rafting equipment – Hiko and Aqua Design.
  • A mandatory part of the rafting equipment is a helmet and vest, and none of our guests can go Tara rafting without them. Vests and helmets are part of the professional equipment intended for rafting adventures on wild waters and they represent the basic protective elements of the personal equipment of every rafting participant. Even those who come rafting every year, even several times during the season, knows that wearing a vest and helmet is out of the question, regardless of the rafting experience, beautiful weather or possibly low water level. So – you go rafting only with the completed mandatory rafting equipment! ☺
  • We use anorak jackets as desired, in case of rain or slightly lower temperatures at the beginning/end of the season. These are puffy jackets that additionally warm the body and prevent the cold, thus enabling maximum enjoyment of rafting even during the colder period of the season or rain/wind (although we must emphasize that many of you especially enjoy rafting in the rain, and we ourselves guarantee that it is really special and unforgettable experience).

For rafting, apart from a great mood, you only need to bring a swimsuit, the rest of the equipment you will get at our Rafting Camp. In the summer months, we also advise you to bring sun protection cream.

Also, there are waterproof bags on each boat so you can bring your cameras or mobile phones to capture the best moments!


Rafting accommodation at camp Modra Rijeka

The houses and bungalows of Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka are built from completely natural materials, mostly wood, and allow you to fully surrender to nature and enjoy it completely.

There are two-bed, three-bed, four-bed, five-bed and six-bed rooms with bathrooms, and the terraces are raised above the river. All rooms are covered by wi-fi signal and our Camp is the winner of an award – a Big Gold Medal at the International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad for the top quality accommodation. Please note that free parking is provided for all our guests.

Tara Rafting in the rain

You often ask us – What if it starts to rain? Is rafting postponed?

OF COURSE NOT! Relax and enjoy, we are waiting for you at the agreed time and believe us, the rain (if it even starts to rain) will only enhance the adventure and increase the adrenaline. The experiences of our guests who participated in rafting during the rain speak in favor of the fact that rafting in the rain is a fantastic adventure and that they would always repeat such an experience, especially in the months at the end of the season when the temperatures are high, and the short summer showers only further enhance the wonderful adventure and bring nice refreshment.

What is very important to emphasize is that, according to many years of high-quality organization of rafting arrangements and experience, the weather forecast for this specific area of the Tara river canyon is not always right. It often happens that the forecast predicts rain and that we have the whole day clear sky, without a single cloud. The specificity of the position of this area, the deep canyon, as well as the specific air currents through the cliffs, cannot be easily predicted.

Therefore, if you have decided to go rafting – don’t look at the forecast, just relax and everything else is our concern. We assure you that your safety and professional equipment for your enjoyment are in the hands of real professionals! (If you haven’t already, check out the section on the website dedicated to awards and recognitions that confirm this ☺).

Safety comes first on the river

Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka is the winner of the Big gold medal at The International tourism fair in Novi Sad for exceptional conditions for safe rafting, in November 2022.

Your safety during the rafting tours in Montenegro is the most important goal for us!
In this regard, in addition to professional equipment, the most important part of the entire adventure are our skippers!

Our skippers have professional licenses, domestic and international. They have done all the training necessary for the realization of a rafting adventure on wild waters, and they know the river and all its secrets since childhood, bearing in mind that our entire team practically grew up next to Tara River canyon… During the tour, you will hear from them beautiful stories and anecdotes related to Tara Canyon. Quite often, when making the reservation, many of you already look for your well-known skippers in advance, and we are here to meet you if we are able.